CONCORD, Calif. — Elite Energy Systems’ combined heat and power (CHP) system quickly proved its dependable performance in an application at John Muir Medical Center. A study conducted nine months after the hospital’s CHP system went on-line showed the system to be operating at 97 percent uptime. With this system, John Muir is able to create enough heat and power for the entire 254-bed acute care facility on site, with minimal dependence on the utility grid.

From the months of September 2010 to May 2011, John Muir’s four CHP units operated for 25,075 out of a potential 25,788 hours. During that time, the system generated well over 5.6 million kilowatt hours for the hospital.

According to Elite, this performance is a testament to the efficiency of its EnviroGen® Energy Modules. John Muir’s CHP system consists of four modules with a total electrical output of 907 kWe. Caterpillar G3400 Series naturally aspirated engines (3 x G3412NA and 1 x G3406NA) power the modules, driving Marathon synchronous generators at 1,800 rpm.

What makes this performance notable, said Elite, is the fact that the system did not experience early hour problems typical of such installations. This is attributed to the factory validation testing completed before the system was installed at the hospital. The CHP system generates heat as a byproduct of the electricity generation process, which is captured by a Cention absorption chiller providing chilled water to the facility. The thermal output also provides for building heating, domestic hot water heating, and/or boiler feed water heat/reheat.

The CHP application is controlled and monitored around the clock by Elite’s GenView™ control system. GenView allows system administrators to remotely operate their CHP application from any computer. It tracks and logs system performance and notifies medical center staff and service personnel of pending maintenance intervals.

The addition of a CHP system is part of John Muir’s ongoing commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly building practices. Combined heat and power is highly efficient, reduces carbon emissions, and saves on energy costs.

Elite Energy Systems provides combined heat and power solutions to commercial and industrial customers. Its CHP modules are custom-built to meet specific energy needs. Elite also provides customized control systems and offers custom fabrication, manufacturing, and packaging options. For more information, visit

Publication date: 08/22/2011