The phase conversion panels are designed to convert single-phase input power to three-phase output to operate three-phase pumps. By utilizing VFD technology,Best Controls Co.: Phase Conversion Panelsthe pre-engineered duplex pump control solution converts 230-V single-phase incoming power into 230-V three-phase output power for 2-10 hp pumping applications. Each phase conversion panel features an inner door design, flashing alarm light, and audible alarm with alarm silence PB, pump and control circuit breakers, motor starters with adjustable overloads, automatic pump alternation, pump run lights, HOA switches, pump seal fail indicator, and elapsed time meters, all enclosed in a NEMA 4X fiberglass powder-coated enclosure with a three-point latch. It is UL 508-listed. Many optional features are available, for example, generator receptacle with transfer switch, stainless steel enclosure, battery backup, alarm dialers, etc.

Best Controls Co.
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