The Coleman® Echelon™ communicating control communicates with all key components in a home comfort system, including a/c units, furnaces, and system accessories, to ensure maximum efficiency and ideal home comfort. The customizable touch screen display allows a contractor to tailor control preferences for a customer and program maintenance reminders that display the contractor’s contact information. The four-wire plug-and-play design eliminates time-consuming wiring and system checking at installation. Advanced control and diagnostics capabilities from a single location provide contractors with a central point for system setup and diagnostics. Accessories not on a homeowner’s system but available through the contractor are shown on the control display, making the homeowner aware of the accessories and providing the contractor with an opportunity to discuss the product and integrate it into the system. The unit can be programmed for vacation and custom schedules. A quick heat and cool feature enables rapid temp adjustment to make homes comfortable faster.

Johnson Controls, Unitary Products, Attn: Mary Mocarski, Coleman Brand Manager, 507 E. Michigan, Milwaukee, WI 53202;

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