Communicating Control

The Luxaire® Acclimate™ communicating control communicates with every smart Luxaire device in a home comfort system. The easy-to-use, high-definition touchscreen ensures precise comfort control, displays maintenance reminders, and provides the ability to custom program for convenience and energy savings. The four-wire plug-and-play design eliminates time-consuming wiring and system checking at installation. As components are added to the system, the control’s auto configuration capability automatically recognizes and configures the components based on the comfort settings and operation requirements of the system. Advanced diagnostics from a single location provide contractors with a central point for system setup and diagnostics, saving time, money, and extra steps. The control has advanced digital technology that builds a real-time system profile, displaying equipment and accessory status that provides contractors with precise information and better control. A customizable touchscreen allows a contractor not only to tailor control preferences for each customer, but also program maintenance reminders that prominently display the contractor’s contact information.

Johnson Controls’ Unitary Products, Attn: Mary Mocarski, Luxaire Brand Manager, 507 E. Michigan, Milwaukee, WI 53202; 877-958-9247;

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