Products that test and monitor in the HVACR industry help contracting firms calculate whether a situation with HVAC equipment at the jobsite is changing and if so what’s changing and by how much. These instruments make working with and on units so much easier for contractors and technicians, including when it comes to troubleshooting. The winners - Flir Systems (gold), Honeywell International Inc. (silver) and Extech Instruments (bronze) - of the Testing & Monitoring Products category of the 2011 Dealer Design Awards share these traits.



FLIR’s E60 Wi-Fi infrared camera is a compact thermal imager that transforms infrared diagnostics by introducing a mix of powerful thermal imaging capabilities such as 76,800 pixels (320 × 240) infrared resolution, <0.05°C thermal sensitivity, 4x digital zoom, and 60-Hz refresh rate. In addition, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity to personal devices such as iPads or iPhones; a 3MP digital camera; and a wide, 3.5-inch full-view touchscreen with intuitive interface.

Stated the company, “FLIR’s E60 pioneers the integration of thermal imaging diagnostics with popular devices like iPhones and iPads.” Users can send images and data to mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad to share reports and critical information quickly with supervisors, facilities managers, and customers.

A bigger, brighter screen makes it easier than ever to see thermal anomalies, stated FLIR. The E-Series’ wide touchscreen displays images using the entire screen, with no cropping, while offering an intuitive and easy-to-use control interface.

The scalable picture-in-picture and thermal fusion features add compelling context to images by overlaying thermal and visible images using picture-in-picture and blended fusion capabilities. FLIR cameras store thermal images as a single JPG file that stores both the image and the accompanying temperature data for every pixel.

The E60 offers ease of use right out of the box. “Intuitive menus, touchscreen navigation, and connectivity to personal devices such as iPhones and iPads have helped to set a new standard in ease-of-use for first time thermographers and usability optimized for productivity,” the company stated.

One judge said of the product, “I like the product. The price point for this product is bringing good diagnostic equipment to the small guy!”



The R7284U Universal Digital Oil Primary control with built-in diagnostic display from Honeywell International Inc. allows an oil service technician to determine the root cause of a lockout, as well as access every setting and diagnostic feature of the control without having to use additional tools. It operates a residential oil burner by controlling the fuel oil flow and spark igniter, and monitors the flame through a cad cell.

The control provides detailed historical information about the control from daily performance to system failure. It also offers complete universality by allowing for field configuration of the lockout time and delay on and off times. The easy-to-read screen is also programmable in English, Spanish, and French.

This model is easy to operate and fully operational out of the package, said Honeywell, requiring no external tools to access the setup and diagnostic features, saving additional costs.

The quick-fix built-in digital display delivers clear data designed to lead one to any problem, fast. Patent-pending technology determines and displays why a lockout has occurred, including lack of spark at the electrode, partially functioning flame sense, line voltage dips, etc.

Setup features walk contractors through step-by-step. Multi-faceted monitoring looks at components other than the controller, and tells the contractor how the entire system is running. And if failure occurs, it tells a contractor where it did, so it can be fixed right the first time.

One judge commented, “I have one on my own burner. I love it.”



The Extech RHT50 Compact Humidity/Temperature/Pressure Datalogger is a compact IAQ data logger that measures and records up to 10,000 humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure readings. The unit is used to monitor environmental conditions that may indicate performance issues or a failure in an HVACR system.

The RHT50 is essential in diagnosing intermittent problems, investigating occupant IAQ complaints, or evaluating issues that require monitoring over an extended period of time. Due to its small size, multiple RHT50s can be deployed as needed in a facility to monitor trends that indicate problems or validate repairs.

With easy-to-use software (included), users can configure recording intervals from 1 second to 18 hours as well as high/low alarms. The software’s graphing capabilities also enable in-depth trending, analysis, and diagnostics. The new logger’s size is comparable to a USB memory stick and features recording status and alarm LED indicators. The RHT50 comes with a magnetic mounting bracket and an integrated tripod mount.

The data logger is easy to configure using the included Extech software. With a USB connection to a laptop or PC, contractors can easily tailor the logger’s settings to a particular job and, later, quickly download readings to identify anomalies. Bright LEDs let a contractor know recording status and whether an alarm has been triggered. A magnetic mounting bracket and tripod mount allows contractors tremendous flexibility in the placement of the device anywhere it’s needed.

A judge remarked, “If this product really works, it will be very groundbreaking for low-cost applications that so many small contractors need.”

2011 Honorees: Testing and Monitoring Products

Gold Winner
FLIR Systems
FLIR E60 Wi-Fi Infrared Camera

Silver Winner
Honeywell International Inc.
R7284U Universal Digital Oil Primary

Bronze Winner
Extech Instruments
Extech RHT Compact Humidity/Temperature/Pressure Datalogger RHT 50

Honorable Mentions
Fluke Corp.
Fluke 810 Handheld Vibration Tester

Testo Inc.
Digital AC/Refrigeration System Manifold 557

GreenField Direct LLC
PipeBurst Pro

Publication date:07/11/2011