Keeping a commercial HVAC system up and running efficiently can take a lot of work. But there are products on the market that ensure the system is functioning as it should by watching and directing system operation. The AquaGuard AG-3180E Plenum Rated Micro Pan Sensor by Resource Conservation Technologies is one such product that monitors what is occurring with the HVAC system and takes action when there’s a problem.

The condensate sensor is mounted directly in the primary drain pan, which, said Tammy White, inside sales manager, Resource Conservation Technologies, makes it ideal to be used with commercial package units. The bonus secondary sensor features water detection LED and easily installs in the metal or plastic secondary drain pan. Both sensors continuously monitor any condensate overflow in the primary and secondary drain pans and automatically shut off the system and activate an alarm if any overflow is detected in as little as 1/16 inch of water in either drain pan.

White said the company researched the product for two years, and some of the company’s most active contractors and customers tested and approved it.

Contractor-Friendly Features

While the pan sensor is designed to perform various functions, the company also designed features that make a contractor’s job easier, too. The low-profile design of the primary and secondary sensors make installation easier in tight commercial or residential spaces, said White.

Another feature that makes installation easier, said White, is that “The micro sensor features fully adjustable mounting clips that can be set at any desired condensate overflow height in the pan. The technician has flexibility for each installation and type of unit using the AG-3180E.”

Thanks to the secondary sensor mounting bracket, that sensor can be mounted in multiple ways and offers ease in cleaning and/or drying of the bonus sensor, said White.

Dale Vernatter, comfort advisor, John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning Inc., Riviera, Fla., agreed the product is easy to install and said it is reliable as well.

Gold Winner Highlights

Resource Conservation Technologies
AquaGuard AG-3180E Plenum Rated Micro Pan Sensor

Silver Winner

Emerson™ Digital Controller

The Emerson™ XC643CX Closed Loop Digital Controller, compatible with Copeland Scroll™ or Discus digital compressors, is a stand-alone thermostat and controller that enables variable-capacity modulation, dehumidification, and improved system performance for those units that do not have an energy management system in place. The controller was designed to be used in walk-in coolers/freezers and process chillers for most single or dual applications. Editable parameters can support custom settings. Hot-key programming allows users to quickly program multiple controllers with predetermined parameters. The controller offers easy wiring configuration for installation and system display and troubleshooting diagnostics.

Silver Winner Highlights

Emerson Climate Technologies
Emerson™ Closed Loop Digital Controller

Bronze Winner

KE2 Evaporator Efficiency

KE2 Therm Solutions Inc.’s KE2 Evaporator Efficiency is an energy-saving refrigeration controller for walk-in freezers and coolers, with remote monitoring and diagnostics. Alarm notification can be sent via text or email. The contractor can access the controller and monitor or adjust settings remotely — often getting the diagnostic work done before arriving on the job site or entering the refrigerated space. Five-day and 30-day performance graphs are available for troubleshooting and diagnostics prior to a technician arriving on site. The KE2 Evaporator Efficiency installs without breaking into the system, so there is no need to pumpdown the system. The controller has an optional mounting box and a wire harness to make installation quick, easy, and neat.

Bronze Winner Highlights

KE2 Therm Solutions Inc.
KE2 Evaporator Efficiency

Publication date: 7/22/2013 

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