SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Serious Materials announced that it has changed its name to Serious Energy. According to the company, the new name reflects its suite of energy software services along with advanced building products designed to increase the value of buildings, for both owners and occupants. For building owners, the goal is to increase net operating income. For occupants, the goal is to increase comfort, productivity, and health at lower operating cost.

Serious Energy said a platform of smart energy management together with advanced materials upgrades to buildings offers a simple, fast, and capital-efficient way to deliver increased value.

“Our industry must help raise the value of America’s buildings. Our economic stability and growth depends on it,” said Kevin Surace, president and CEO of Serious Energy. “We’re serious about energy, serious about our buildings, and serious about delivering value in a manner that is realistic, capital-efficient, and achievable.”

Serious Energy noted that it offers products and services that combine real-time, connected building analytics and control with materials science innovations. SeriousEnergy Manager™ is a cloud-based software system that monitors, optimizes, and controls building energy use through advanced algorithms. SeriousWindows™ and iWindow™ are said to significantly improve the building envelope, improving comfort and reducing heating and cooling. QuietRock® is designed to deliver soundproofing and improved acoustics, enabling buildings to increase density and productivity.

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Publication date:06/27/2011