GOLD: FLIR E60 Wi-Fi Infrared Camera

FLIR’s E60 Wi-Fi infrared camera is a compact thermal imager that transforms infrared diagnostics by introducing a mix of powerful thermal imaging capabilities such as 76,800 pixels (320 × 240) infrared resolution, <0.05°C thermal sensitivity, 4x digital zoom, and 60-Hz refresh rate. In addition, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity to personal devices such as iPads or iPhones; a 3MP digital camera; and a wide, 3.5-inch full-view touchscreen with intuitive interface. A bigger, brighter screen makes it easier than ever to see thermal anomalies, stated FLIR. The E-Series’ wide touchscreen displays images using the entire screen, with no cropping, while offering an intuitive and easy-to-use control interface. The scalable picture-in-picture and thermal fusion features add compelling context to images by overlaying thermal and visible images using picture-in-picture and blended fusion capabilities. FLIR cameras store thermal images as a single JPEG file that stores both the image and the accompanying temperature data for every pixel.

FLIR Systems

SILVER: R7284U Universal Digital Oil Primary

The R7284U Universal Digital Oil Primary control with built-in diagnostic display, allows an oil service technician to determine the root cause of a lockout as well as access every setting and diagnostic feature of the control without having to use additional tools. It provides detailed historical information about the control from daily performance to system failure. It also offers complete universality by allowing for field configuration of the lockout time and delay on and off times. The easy-to-read screen is also programmable in English, Spanish and French. The Universal Digital Oil Primary is compatible with nearly all oil-fired appliances and can fully integrate into any EnviraCOM™ communications system, allowing for both local and remote diagnostics on equipment with a three-wire connection.

Honeywell International Inc.

BRONZE: Extech RHT50 Compact Datalogger

When extended IAQ monitoring of a job-site is required, the Extech RHT50 simplifies that task with a datalogger that is easy to use and easy to own. As small as a USB memory stick, the inconspicuous datalogger is easy to store and transport. It can be placed wherever needed using its magnetic mount or tripod mounting point. The RHT50 records up to 10,000 sets of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure readings as often as once per second or as infrequently as once every 18 hours. The RHT50 permits plug and play downloading of readings to a laptop or PC via USB. Analysis software graphically charts readings for quick detection of problematic trends. Extech's new RHT50 simplifies datalogging, making it easier than ever to collect and document readings so contractors can accelerate problem-solving.

Extech Instruments