PRO-EST HVAC version 2.2, Duct-Pro, Pipe-Pro, Duct-lite, and Pipe-lite are part of the HVAC Estimating Software release. The PRO-EST HVAC version 2.2 is a complete sheet metal and pipe estimating software. Duct-Pro is duct (sheet metal) estimating software. Pipe-Pro is pipe estimating software. Duct-lite is reduced-scope duct estimating software. Pipe-lite is reduced-scope pipe estimating software. They all work on Windows 7, Vista, and XP. The sheet metal program is flexible - shop labor can be included or excluded, and field labor can be calculated in pounds per hour or in linear feet per hour, and it has a historical data feature. Sheet metal estimation also includes options for liner, duct wrap, sealer, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association pressure classes, reinforcement, and accessories. The pipe program includes preinstalled piping systems and coil hookups with the capability of adding piping systems and coil hookups along with a PDF drawing of the hookup. Labor rates and material prices are adjustable on a global and job basis. The program also includes an Excel spread sheet to which the sheet metal and pipe estimates can be exported. The spread sheet has areas for equipment quotes as well as items such as deliveries, start-up, subcontractors, engineering, permits, sales tax, bond cost, OH&P, etc. A fully functional HVAC Estimating Software 30-day trial demo can be downloaded from the company’s website or a CD can be mailed to the user.

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