ORLANDO, Fla. - Once every three years, the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration ups the ante within the expo portion of its annual conference by calling the expo a Heavy Equipment Show and including some especially large pieces of equipment.

The most recent show in Orlando demonstrated the product range by showcasing everything from large exchangers to tools and test instruments to computer software.

Here in alphabetical order are brief descriptions of some of what each exhibitor was showing to the close to 1,300 attendees.

Acuren(www.acuren.com) offered ammonia refrigeration inspection services with a non-invasive method for inspecting piping systems.

Airfoil Impellers (www.airfoil.com) featured direct drive unicast panel fans primarily for refrigeration applications where moisture could cause a problem.

Airgas (www.airgasspecialtyproducts.com) focused on the theme “Making Safe Even Safer” with information on emergency shut-off valves and shutdown and query systems.

Alfa Laval(www.alfalaval.com) featured a 100 percent stainless steel fusion-brazed heat exchanger.

American Industrial Refrigeration(www.airefrig.com) spotlighted a custom pumpout system for ammonia refrigeration equipment.

Bitzer (www.bitzer.de) had information on a range of products including CO2/semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors.

Bonar (www.bonarengineering.com), exhibited to describe its design-build, engineering and design, and process safety management services.

Buckaroos(www.buckaroos.com) featured Tru-Balance sliding saddles to control movement at hanger locations in the piping system.

Calibration Technologies(www.ctiengineering.com) said it specializes in ammonia gas detection.

Camco Lubricants(www.camcolubricants.com) had a product information sheet on the Cornell recirculating refrigeration pump.

Chester-Jensen(www.chester-jensen.com) noted air agitated ice builders to store refrigeration in the form of an ice bank.

Cimco Refrigeration(www.cimcorefrigeration.com) noted Eco Chill, an engineered solution to lowering energy costs in a facility.

Cool Air(www.coolairinc.com) had ammonia relief line gas detectors that continuously monitor refrigeration gas emergency vent line headers.

Cornell Pump Co.(www.cornellpump.com) showed a refrigerant pump with a sealing technology consisting of two mechanical seals mounted back to back.

Cyrus Shank Co.(www.cyrusshank.com) highlighted safety relief, needle point, shut-off, and expansion valves.

The Evapco booth displayed some of the larger products at the Heavy Equipment Show aspect of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Expo in Orlando.

Danfoss(www.danfoss.com) described its ICF modular system that comes as a sub-assembly ready to be installed directly into the jobsite piping or on equipment supplied by a manufacturer.

Delta-Tee International (www.delta-tee.com) noted that it was a manufacturer of heat transfer equipment.

Drager (www.drager.com) described fire and gas systems that pinpoint the gases that are used in the industry.

Dunham-Bush(www.dunham-bush.com) highlighted the MSC 127mm series vertical medium screw compressors.

Evapco(www.evapco.com) showed evaporative condensers among its product offerings.

Extol of Ohio Inc. (www.extolohio.com) noted it had fabricated insulation products including vapor barriers and weather barrier jackets.

Farleys Frigeration(www.farleys-srp.com) noted its ability to supply such products as stainless gauges, compressors and parts, and ammonia transfer charging hoses.

Frick by Johnson Controls(www.johnsoncontrols.com) noted it had a complete line of industrial refrigeration products for the food and beverage sector.

Garden City Ammonia Program(www.ammoniatraining.com) noted four-day seminars at its Garden City, Kan., location, including work on five operating systems.

GEA PHE Systems NA(www.geaphena.com) included in its product line the flat plate brazed plate heat exchanger for commercial and industrial refrigeration.

GFG  Instrumentation(www.gfg-inc.com) had information on the IR 24, a selective, substance-specific sensor.

There were smaller products for contractors to look at during the IIAR expo, such as at the exhibit of Hansen.

Hansen (www.hantech.com) had information on water contamination and water removal in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

HCR(www.hcr-inc.com) noted among its services a computerized laser cutter with dual-drive rack.

Hench Control(www.henchcontrol.com) featured energy-management system saving techniques.

Henry Technologies(www.henrytech.ca) described how it designs and manufactures to a range of design codes.

Honeywell Analytics(www.honeywell.com) noted its expertise in fixed-point industrial gas detection.

Howden(www.howden.com) discussed rotary twin screw compressors that come in both oil-injected and oil-free options.

Howe(www.howecorp.com) had information on high-performance welded plate heat exchangers for refrigeration systems.

Industrial Refrigeration Technical College(www.ammonia training.org) in Lyndhurst, Va., said it offered training including work in an anhydrous ammonia refrigeration lab.

Insul-Therm International(www.insultherm.com) had information on its range of insulation, jacketing, and accessories.

ICS(www.icsnh3.com) had integrated circuit systems to address the hazards of arc flash and meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Electrical Code requirements.

Industrial Consultants(www.n3jobs.com) told how it can provide live, online CARO/CIRO ammonia refrigeration training.

Industrial Service & Fabricators (www.tanks-vessels.com) highlighted such refrigeration vessels as receivers, accumulators, intercoolers, and recirculators.

Innovative Refrigeration Systems(www.r717.net) discussed its ability to build refrigeration systems.

Isotherm (www.iso-therm.com) described a range of products including shell and tube and plate and frame evaporators, condensers, oil coolers, and floor warming exchangers.

ITW Insulation Systems(www.itwinsulation.com) had booth personnel discussing extruded polystyrene pipe insulation billet and vapor retarder film and tape.

Jax Refrigeration(www.jaxrefrigeration.com) promised to provide prompt and expert service for refrigeration needs.

Kathabar (www.kathabar.com) showed high-efficiency desiccant dehumidification systems.

Kelly Refrigeration Services, an Orlando-based contractor, described its equipment, parts, sales, and service.

Kobelco(www.bocoa.com) had information on screw compressors for gas and refrigeration applications.

Krack (www.krack.ingersollrand.com) showed how to select industrial evaporator products.

Lederle Hermetic(www.hermetic-pumpen.com) discussed aspects of hermetic pumps including installation and commissioning, spare part servicing, and repair and overhauling.

Logix (www.logix-controls.com) highlighted industrial refrigeration controls and services it provides in selecting the controls needed.

M&M Refrigeration(www.mmrefrigeration.com) had information under the general title, “Why Choose CO2 Cascade Systems.”

Marking Services Inc. (www.markserv.com) described engineered process labeling services.

Mayekawa(www.mayekawa.ca) discussed the Plus + Heat ammonia heat pump that is said to reclaim heat at reduced costs.

MSA (www.msanet.com) noted chin-type gas masks to wear in areas where phosphine, ammonia, and chlorine are present.

Miro Industries (www.miroind.com) had information on non-penetrating rooftop supports which are pre-built.

Mueller Refrigeration Products(www.muel.com) featured falling film chillers designed to cool any fluid to within 2°F of its freeze point.

Nikkiso(www.nikkisopumpsamerica.com) had sealless pumps for ammonia recirculator systems.

Parker Refrigerating Specialties Division(www.parker.com) showed an industrial refrigeration defrost solutions package.

Petrochem(www.petrocheminc.com) exhibited and noted it was a nationwide mechanical insulation and specialty contractor with more than 35 years of experience.

Phillips Refrigeration(www.haphillips.com) highlighted solenoid-operated three-way valves for ammonia and halocarbon refrigerants.

Phoenix Air Systems(www.phoenixairsystems.com) talked about its specializing in critical process air management.

Quotesoft (www.quotesoft.com) had information on Quote express, labor and material cost estimating software.

RAE Corp.(www.rae-corp.com) noted its ability to duplicate various types of coils regardless of size, age, and origin.

RAM Industries(www.ramusa.com) provided attendees with information on medium-voltage solid state starters.

Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association(www.reta.com) talked about its role as “an international not-for-profit association whose mission is to enhance the professional development of industrial refrigeration operating and technical engineers.”

Resource Compliance(www.resourcecompliance.com) discussed software that can help a facility stay in compliance with EPA regulations.

Spectronics Corp. (www.spectroline.com) had information on the Spectroline leak detection and diagnostic tools that use a dye and UV lighting.

SCS Engineers(www.scsengineers.com) provided information on outsourcing risk management and safety services.

Stellar (www.stellar.net) promoted single-source design-build services, which included customized controls, automation and instrumentation.

Tanner Industries (www.tannerind.com) described a range of services including recycling contaminated ammonia.

TechCold International(www.techcold.com) featured the TCI Micro, an intelligent industrial refrigeration control said to “bridge the gap between high-speed microprocessor technology and conventional PLC systems.

Teikoku USA(www.teikoku-usa.com) had details on sealless retrofit pumps.

Thermal Seal Duct (www.thermalsealduct.com) described a ductwork system that needs no annual sealing maintenance.

Thermofin(www.thermofin.de) showed finned heat exchangers manufactured with an integrated IT system.

Tranter(www.tranter.com) de-scribed what it called plate heat exchanger performance at shell and tube pressures.

Turbo Refrigerating(www.vogtice.com) featured an ice rake storage and delivery system from 20 to 400 capacities.

Vilter(www.vilter.com) had information on its lines of single screw compressors including details on variable capacity, volume control, and balanced loading.

VRTX Advanced Fluid Technology(www.vrtxtech.com) promoted what it called “sustainable and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions.”

Publication date:06/20/2011