The 365 true-rms ac/dc clamp meter has a thin, small jaw design that makes it easy to get around tightly packed wires. And the current clamp jaw is detachable, making it convenient to access wires in difficult spaces, while holding the clamp meter body where readings are easy to see. In normal situations, the jaw remains attached to the meter body, but, when required, it can be removed and clamped to the wire under test. The meter body remains attached to the jaw through a 3-foot flexible lead. The compact jaw measures current up to 200-A ac and dc while allowing easy access to wires in PLCs and other tight spaces. It measures up to 600 vac and vdc and provides 6,000-Ohm resistance measurement and continuity detection. State-of-the-art signal processing allows for use in noisy electrical environments, while providing stable readings. The large backlit display automatically shows the correct measurement range, so the user doesn’t need to change switch positions while taking a measurement. A built-in flashlight helps illuminate the work location and identify wires.

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