A gas piping module, the first in a series of enhancements to the Power Design Pro™ software, a generator sizing tool, has been added. The gas piping module is used to determine the required pipe size for gaseous fuel generators by automatically selecting and sizing the appropriate gas piping for a generator. It also allows the user to manually select the pipe sizing and calculate the available gas pressure at the unit. The module supports a single Generac generator as well as multiple generators in any Modular Power System (MPS) configuration. The Power Design Pro features includes full harmonic and transient analysis to ensure complete generator-to-load compatibility; advanced load modeling that uses an expert system approach to model a load’s true characteristics and allows users to build their own load types; and load shedding capabilities that enable the user to shed loads entered into the program and evaluate the effects of running those loads against any generator configuration selected by the user. The software offers specification sheets, installation drawings, emission information, a specification text library with full inclusive design notes, and the ability to link directly to supporting dealers for budgetary quoting and additional support.

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