Revit building information models (BIM) are available for the company’s vibration and seismic restraint products. BIMs of the SRH, CIB-L, FHS, and FLSS models can be downloaded at Model SRH are deflection isolation hangers. Typical applications include use to isolate suspended sources of both noise and vibration, such as in-line fans, cabinet fans, and piping and ductwork in close proximity to mechanical equipment. The CIB-L Model is an inertia base frame. The base frame is specifically designed and engineered to receive poured concrete, for use in supporting mechanical equipment requiring a reinforced concrete inertia base. The Model FLSS is a seismic control restrained spring isolator. It consists of free-standing, large-diameter laterally stable steel springs assembled into welded steel housing assemblies. Model FHS is a seismic control spring isolator. It is used to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration into supporting structures from supported mechanical equipment.

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