seismic cable restraintA new line of seismic cable restraint products features the patented QuakeLoc™ connector. The connector quickly and easily fastens cables used in the seismic restraint of piping, duct, electrical cable trays, and suspended equipment. Seismic cable restraint systems carry tension-only loads along the axis of the cable, and they are used in pairs 180 degrees apart to restrain pipe, duct, electrical distribution systems, or equipment in each axis. The QuakeLoc connector is available as part of the manufacturer’s QuakeKit-P (pipe), QuakeKit-D (duct), and QuakeBulk seismic cable restraint systems. Each kit includes the necessary hardware to connect to suspended components. Hardware to attach QuakeKit systems to concrete, steel, or wood structures is also available.

Kinetics Noise Control Inc.

eProduct 185