YELLOW JACKET heat pump manifold.

LAS VEGAS - The new heat pump manifold from YELLOW JACKET® has 3-1/8" high- and low-side gauges with 1 percent accuracy that are designed to handle heat pump pressures and transitions in heating or cooling mode. Both low- and high-side black steel case gauges handle up to 800 psi. Temperature scales cover the most popular heat pump refrigerants (R-22, R-410A, and R-407C). It is available with 60-inch hoses (42044), without hoses (42041) and with hoses in a fitted backpack (42040).

The YELLOW JACKET ACCUPROBE™ UV uses the heated sensor or UV technology (or both at the same time) to detect HFC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerants, including SNAP approved hydrocarbon blends. The AccuProbe UV features low, normal, and high sensitivity levels with visual and audible signals, and a UV light at the tip which allows you to see dye in a system. The audible alert, which can also be muted, increases in frequency and duration as concentration increases. The AccuProbe UV also features a SmartAlarm™ LED which quickly shows how big or small the leak is on a scale of one to nine.

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