Silentium Development Kit

LAS VEGAS - Silentium is demonstrating two applications of its proprietary “Silence in a Chip” noise control technology. Silentium says its Active Noise Control (ANC) system is based on producing an “anti-noise” signal that destructively interferes with the original sound wave and cancels out the noise.

An HVAC blower is being featured to demonstrate how the ANC technology is able to reduce noise by up to 90 percent, says the company. This is a compact solution that enables a commercial or residential ventilation system to run at maximum efficiency without noise concerns. Silentium ANC modules have advantages such as improved low frequency performance, elimination of back pressure concerns, and reduced power consumption as a result of decreased back pressure. Silentium says that because its ANC technology cancels out the noise at the source, it provides high quality noise control in a compact system, rather than installing complex and bulky ventilation silencers. The solution can be introduced also as an add-on product for new or aftermarket (retrofit) HVAC systems.

Silentium is also demonstrating an embedded ANC solution for range hoods in kitchens. The noise produced by the blower in range hoods can be obtrusive for the kitchen environment. By reducing the noise significantly, Silentium says its system allows for a more pleasant and productive cooking experience, whether it be in a restaurant or home kitchen.

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