The redesigned line of Healthy Climate® whole-home humidifiers work with a central comfort system to provide homeowners with a more comfortable, healthier indoor environment. Optimal humidity during the heating season also allows homeowners to protect the home, and in some cases, save money by lowering their thermostat and still feel comfortable. The units have three capacities, automatic or manual control options, and improved design and durability. The humidifiers provide an integrated solution installed outside of the living area as part of the home’s central comfort system. A fixed, side-mounted solenoid valve no longer needs to be changed depending on the install side; instead swap the tray, plug, and drain locations. Fewer parts on the distribution tray help speed up installation. A plastic feed tube allows for laminar flow and reduces water noise. Bases and front covers are made with a strong thermoplastic material. The bypass model front covers now include a molded-in top/bottom snap-fit.

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