The next generation of whole-home humidifiers, an entire family of automatic digital and manually controlled units, is available. The line offers four automatic-controlled models and three manual-control models. According to the manufacturer, the new automatic digital control provides optimum humidity levels, up to 50 percent more than manual control, throughout the heating season. The focal point of the new control is the blue, backlit liquid crystal display that is designed to be viewed in poorly lit areas from as far away as 20 feet. The control has three lights, indicating to the homeowner additional information about the humidifier. A green light shines when the humidifier is on and running correctly. The yellow light comes on when it’s time to replace the water panel. The red light indicates a malfunction with the humidistat’s operation. When this occurs, one of four error codes will show in the display. Speaking to the homeowner, the contractor can troubleshoot the problem over the telephone by finding out which of the four error codes is showing on the display, thereby eliminating some nuisance calls. To install the new digital control, it is necessary to drill a 3/4-inch hole in the return air plenum and put the control in place with sheet metal screws. The humidifiers have a shell with a new blue and gray color scheme. Included with the automatic units is a homeowner’s kit that includes a DVD that explains how the unit works and how to properly maintain the unit, a warranty certificate, an owner’s manual, and a thank you letter from the manufacturer.

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