whole-home humidifierThe Coleman® brand has expanded its line of residential steam humidifiers with the Echelon™ Model 8000. The whole-home humidifier, which uses electricity to boil the water, features a precise control algorithm that manages the water level to ensure 11.5 A of electricity is used during operation. The unit uses the same level of electricity, even if it is installed with 240, 208, or 120V, automatically producing more steam based on the voltage that is selected and as much as 23.3 gallons of humidity per day to humidify a 5,000-square-foot home effectively. According to the manufacturer, the technology makes the humidifier ideal for areas that could not be serviced by an evaporative humidifier, including attics, small equipment closets, crawl spaces, and very large spaces with high-capacity needs. The humidifier can be mounted easily directly on the duct or about 20 feet away from where steam enters the duct. It has a replaceable canister for easy maintenance; no cleaning or scrubbing is required.

Johnson Controls

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