MAGOG, Quebec - Enerconcept Technologies Inc., a leading manufacturer of solar air heating equipment, announced that it is executing plans to enter the United States market, making its products available to commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities.

The 12-year-old, privately-held firm makes a variety of solar air heaters, including the Lubi™, a wall-mounted solar collector with a patent-pending, perforated glazing technology that the company says provides the highest efficiency measured for a solar air heater, according to Canadian Standards Association (CSA International) certification tests. Other products include the Luba™ GL, a rooftop glazed modular collector, and the Unitair™, a metal wall-mounted, economical option for preheating outdoor air.

“With the continued challenges of carbon-based fuels and increasing concerns with nuclear energy safety, we see 2011 as an opportunity to enter the U.S. market with our solar air heating technologies that offer proven higher efficiencies and shorter paybacks than any other solar products,” said Christian Vachon, P.Eng., M.Sc., president, Enerconcept Technologies.

The U.S. market strategy is targeting consulting engineers and architects, and building owners looking for new construction and retrofit solutions to curb rising energy prices. To expedite the plan, Enerconcept is recruiting a network of U.S. HVAC manufacturers’ representatives, which will be trained to provide sales, planning, specification, energy analysis, and sizing information for projects supported by the company’s in-house support and custom engineering expertise.

Enerconcept, which offers turnkey design and installation services in Canada, will also be recruiting mechanical contractor and general construction contractor dealers interested in performing similar services in the U.S.

While administrative and design services are performed at the Magog headquarters, all products are manufactured, warehoused, and shipped from Enerconcept’s Thetford Mines, Quebec, production facility. In preparation for the U.S. market, Enerconcept said it has invested heavily in the facility’s production capacity and inventory to assure product availability for any sized U.S. project.

“We have positioned our company with products that complement conventional HVAC equipment and provide a much better return on investment than other alternative energy methods such as photovoltaic, solar water, and wind power,” said Vachon.

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Publication date:04/11/2011