Tankless electric water heaters have been added to the company’s water heating product line. Capable of providing nearly instantaneous hot water, the water heaters can be installed in locations in point-of-use areas where hot water is needed. They can be used for residential, light commercial, recreational, and hospitality applications. An energy-saving feature of the units is voltage modulation. The water heater only uses energy when a demand for hot water is made, helping to save on power bills. The units can also help reduce water usage by providing nearly instantaneous hot water, eliminating the cold water wasted while waiting for warm water to reach the user. They come pre-wired, making installation easy. According to the manufacturer, the water heater is available in six capacities ranging from a 3-kW, 110-V model, perfect for hot water at a bathroom vanity, to a 27-kW 240-V model, capable of providing hot water for an entire home.

Rheem Manufacturing Co., www.rheem.com

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