The Sandblaster® CSB Series and the Statesman™ SSE Series electric water heaters have an advanced electronic control panel that features an eye-level, user-friendly LCD display with plain English diagnostics, presenting users with straightforward unit operating information and precise temperature control. The proprietary control system also reports any potential operating faults and provides additional detailed heater status information. The CSB units are available with a surface-mount thermostat (CSB-S) or an immersion-mount thermostat (CSB-I) and are used for standard commercial applications. The SSE units are used for heavy-duty commercial applications. The CSB models now come standard with 24-karat gold plated elements. The new element provides five times the scaling resistance of standard elements. The SSE uses heavy-duty incoloy elements to provide protection against oxidation and scaling. The CSB units are available in 52-, 82-, and 120-gallon tanks. The SSE units are available in 10 tank sizes from 5-120 gallons.

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