EAST PETERSBURG, Pa. - The National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers (NAOHSM) announced a push to reauthorize the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA). NORA is a federal program designed to strengthen the oilheating industry by improving education and training for both industry employees and customers. It is funded by a fee of $.002 per gallon assessed on the wholesale price of a gallon of heating oil.

Congress created NORA in 2000 with a sunset provision requiring the program to be reauthorized every five years. NORA was reauthorized in 2005, but expired earlier this year on Feb. 6.

According to NAOHSM, NORA has helped to educate consumers on the value and benefits of oilheat and on newly emerging efficiency technologies and renewable alternatives such as Bioheat®. NORA has also helped to create public awareness of safety and energy conservation practices and has trained thousands of home energy technicians. The program has also engaged in research, development, and deployment of super-efficient home heating equipment and has advanced biofuel-blended and ultra-low sulfur heating oil products.

NAOHSM, along with the New England Fuel Institute (NEFI), is now calling for industry members to contact their Congressional representatives to express support for NORA reauthorization. For more information, visit www.naohsm.org or www.nefiactioncenter.com.

Publication date:09/13/2010