The newest series of WeatherMaster® rooftops uses non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant. In sizes of 3 to 10 tons, the models provide SEERs up to 15.6 and EERs as high as 13 in gas heating/electric cooling, electric heating/electric cooling, and cooling-only models. The units were designed to maintain the same cabinet sizes as units from as far back as 1988, making them ideal for direct replacements without changing utility connections, roof curbs, or duct sizes, the company says. Functional enhancements include integrated energy-saving single or dual enthalpy economizers, CO2 sensors for IAQ strategies, and demand control ventilation for energy savings, as well as return-air and supply-air smoke detectors. The units are also designed to aid in reducing service and installation time with factory-installed options such as hinged access panels, louvered hail guards, and the manufacturer’s RTU-Open controller, which provides communication links to third-party BAS via BACnet, Modbus, Johnson Controls N2, and LonWorks with the same device.

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