DES PLAINES, Ill. - The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) is offering “Tech to Tech: An Informational Guide for HVACR Technicians to Increase Their Wage,” written by Chris Reak. This 80-page manual - available to RSES members - provides HVACR technicians insight on how they can increase their value and maximize their wages.

Oftentimes, HVACR technicians are trained how to make the company more money rather than focusing on their personal development. “Tech to Tech” is a resource that contains valuable tips technicians can apply to their daily routine, which can help increase their own earnings and benefit the company as well.

“I wrote this book because I keep hearing and reading about the low pay in the HVACR industry, and because I know that service technicians can increase their income by incorporating a few simple techniques to their daily duties to increase their value to their company,” Reak said.

The 13-chapter manual helps technicians determine their value using three specific factors. It also illustrates how to show value through certification; discusses the benefits of knowing your product; provides pre-call and post-call practices; and covers handling callbacks, payments, and service agreements.

According to Renee Tomlinson, RSES director of operations, “This manual is written by a tech for a tech making it easy to understand, relate to, and ultimately implement.”

The manual can be purchased by calling 800-297-5660 or by visiting and selecting “Online Store” and then “Reference-Personal Development.”

Publication date:08/16/2010