Three Flash™ professional refrigeration system leak detection kits are available. They contain three cans of Flash dye, a reusable charging hose, an ultraviolet (UV) detector light, and a carrying case. Each container of the dye treats up to one 5-ton unit or 64 ounces (1.8 liters) of system oil. The kit uses Dry R™ drying agent combined with the charging hose’s 29/1,000 -inch orifice to instantaneously mist the dye into the system, keep it stable, and prevent crystallization. The Dual Pro 82 kit uses the Cool Dual UV/White LED light, which functions both as a close-range UV dye detector and a conventional flashlight. The Mini Pro 84 uses Vector 4 UV LED light with patented focal lens technology for inspections up to 15 feet. Maxi Pro 87 uses Vector 7 UV LED light, which focuses seven LED beams into one powerful light source extending up to 20 feet.

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