The ultraviolet leak detection dye Flash™ does not contain polyolester oil as a carrier. Instead it uses the company’s Dry R™ drying agent, which keeps the dye stable and prevents it from crystallizing with moisture. Flash replaces the task of dripping highly viscous dye through an applicator/injector into the system oil sump, then waiting for the system’s circulating refrigerant to distribute it. In its place, the dye flashes as a moisture-free mist that instantaneously mixes with system refrigerant/oil. Once connected to the low-side port of an idle a/c or refrigeration system, the refrigerant charges the patented vacuum-packed, propellant-free disposable can design. It then mixes with the dye and enters the system as a mist through a fixed orifice opening in the injection hose during start-up. Packaged in a vacuum-packed, one-time use can, the dye uses a patent injection hose coupled with Dry R. One can treats up to one 5-ton unit or 64 ounces of system oil.

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