The All-In-One leak detection kit is an eight-piece set designed for use on HVACR systems. The Revolverâ„¢ dye injector comes with a newly designed charging hose, which swivels 360 degrees at both ends. It injects doses in increments of 0.04 ounces of dye per 7 pounds of refrigerant, thus safeguarding against overdyeing or system contamination, the manufacturer states. The kit comes with either the Cliplight 450 LED blue light for long-range or limited accessibility dye detection or the Vector 7 LED blue ultraviolet (UV) light for seeking dye up to six feet away. Among the other pieces in the kit are dye cartridges for 25- or 50-shot doses, UV-enhancement glasses, and service stickers for system service identification. The foam drip guard plugs absorb residual dye on the coupler body and O-ring grooves and prevents postinjection dye contamination of kit components and hands.

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