ST. LOUIS - The CEO of a metro St. Louis-based asbestos removal company, Abatepro Inc., announced that his firm is now offering free inspections of furnaces and boilers for those in the St. Louis area.

Nicholas Feco has been performing asbestos inspections since 2004 and has seen a steady influx of HVAC systems needing repairs as colder weather approaches.

“When it gets cold, equipment will fail,” said Feco, “and the reputable HVAC guys won’t touch asbestos pipes, boilers, or duct wrap.”

This year the number of inspections has dropped. Feco believes this trend will continue with the economy the way it is.

“People barely have enough money to pay their heating bills let alone pay for repairs. Throw in the cost of inspections, removal, repair and safety goes out the window; you’ll end up with a contaminated house.”

Abatepro Inc. is a licensed, insured, and bonded asbestos removal company in Missouri and Illinois. The free inspection program is limited to the St. Louis area and will continue until Dec. 15, 2010.

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Publication date:11/08/2010