Comfort Supply, a Nashville, Tenn.-based Ruud HVAC equipment wholesaler, has launched the Certified Green Contractor program. It recognizes HVAC contractors who make special efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Kevin Boop, service manager, stands in front of Total HVAC, a Comfort Supply Certified Green Contractor.

To qualify as a Comfort Supply Certified Green Contractor, a business must accumulate 100 points by enacting environmentally friendly policies such as establishing recycling programs, using hybrid or flex-fuel vehicles, performing regular maintenance on vehicles, maintaining a clean jobsite, and disposing of old tools and equipment properly.

The first contractor to qualify for the program is Total HVAC, Nashville. “Total HVAC has established clean, Earth-friendly practices for employees and technicians,” said Clay Blevins, CEO of Comfort Supply. “Their customers can be assured that they are paying attention to the impact their work has on the environment.”

Mike Ward, residential manager for Total HVAC, said that minimizing the environmental impact of their work has been a priority since the company was founded. “We are a LEED-accredited company,” said Ward. “Our technicians are trained to be mindful of how our work affects the environment and how homeowners are making green living a priority.”

Certified Green Contractors receive decals for company vehicles as well as patches for technicians’ uniforms.

Contractors who wish to participate in the program can contact Comfort Supply at 800-467-4235.

Publication date:10/11/2010