Two new BigEZ™ dye injection kits allow technicians to add the precise amount of fluorescent dye into air conditioning and refrigeration systems without wasting a drop of dye. Each kit features the BEZ-50 dye injector assembly, an a/c hose/coupler with check valve and ¼-inch flare low-loss fitting, one BigEZ dye cartridge, and a purge fitting. The BigEZ dye injector is easy to use because it requires only one connection to add dye into an air conditioning or refrigeration system. The dye cartridge is precision calibrated for accurate dosing, so there are no messy spills or wasted dye. Each 4-ounce cartridge contains enough Ar-Glo® fluorescent dye to treat up to 16 gallons (60.8 liters) of lubricant, approximately 400 pounds (180 kilograms) of refrigerant or 150 tons of cooling. Ar-Glo fluorescent dye is extremely concentrated, super bright, and cosolvent-free. The BEZ-400/ECS kit contains one universal/POE dye cartridge for all air conditioning and refrigeration systems, while the BEZ-400CS kit has one cartridge for mineral oil lubricant systems.

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