Dave Lennox and Tony Danza in the actor-turned-teacher’s classroom at Philadelphia’s Northeast High School.

PHILADELPHIA - Lennox Industries teamed up with producers from the new A&E real life series “Teach: Tony Danza” to make a Philadelphia high school a better place. The seven-part series airs Fridays at 10 p.m., and began on Oct. 1.

Long before his acting career, which included roles in “Taxi” and “Who’s The Boss,” Tony Danza received a degree in history education. During the 2009-2010 school year, he took on his most challenging and rewarding role yet when he stepped into the classroom as a full-time teacher at Philadelphia’s Northeast High School. “Teach: Tony Danza” follows the first-year teacher as he instructs a 10th-grade English class with 26 students.

For Lennox Industries, the TV role came about because of the HVAC manufacturer’s experience providing schools with solutions for controlling energy use, reducing operational costs, and improving IAQ. Lennox’ involvement will be featured in a future episode of the program.

“For years, we’ve worked with K-12 and college administrators to create better, more sustainable learning environments so this opportunity was a natural for us,” says Denise Ernst, director of commercial marketing for Lennox. “While I can’t reveal exactly what we’ll be doing with the show, it’s a role that will benefit students and teachers, and one we feel good about.”

For more information, visit www.aetv.com/teach-tony-danza.

Publication date:10/18/2010