A team of Lincoln Electric welders helped contestants of ABC network's newest television series, BattleBots, build and repair robots.

The welding manufacturer also provided the show with equipment and gear, including MIG and TIG welding equipment, fume extraction, helmets, jackets and gloves.

Welding instructors Scott Skrjanc and Lon Damon were on set to assist the show contestants.

“We loved having the opportunity to show welding in an application that the typical person wouldn’t associate with our products,” Skrjanc said.

The show helped give the welding trade a lot of exposure, adds Damon.

“Seeing welding on ‘BattleBots’ creates awareness of welding in a fun and exciting way," he said. "The teams were under the gun to keep their robots up and running during the competition. Welding was a vital part of that effort.”