PORTLAND, Ore. - Tanner Creek Energy, an energy solutions provider and general contractor, has announced the launch of new services to help customers cost-effectively implement energy efficiency technologies and renewables to reduce their overall energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and enhance profitability.

Tanner Creek Energy noted that it entered the market in 2007 as a renewable energy project developer and has designed and installed solar energy systems for a number of Northwest firms including Columbia Sportswear, Les Schwab, OMSI, Sokol Blosser Winery, One Green World Nursery and Pacific Landscape Management. The company serves commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers.

In conjunction with its partners, Tanner Creek will offer mid-scale Northwest businesses turnkey solutions for on-site renewable energy, such as solar photovoltaic, and energy efficiency improvements in HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, pumps, motors, compressed air, irrigation, and energy monitoring. The company said its consultative services take a holistic, long-term approach to helping identify the most impactful solutions and services. Tanner Creek will also help to facilitate incentive requirements to ensure the maximum return on energy investments.

“Our goal is to be a turnkey solutions provider enabling our customers to lower their operating costs while reducing their carbon footprint,” said Tanner Creek Energy president and founder Alan Hickenbottom. “Our customers know that energy is both a means to increase profitability and competitiveness, as well as an important step in reducing their carbon footprint. We provide the know-how to enable them to focus on their core business, while we identify the right technologies to lower their energy costs, maximize returns, and leverage available energy incentives.”

For more information, visit www.tannercreekenergy.com.

Publication date:11/08/2010