The line of Kühl and Kühl+ (cool plus heat) room air conditioners has commercial-grade durability, with heavy-gauge steel, rifled copper tubing, and totally enclosed, commercial-grade fan motors that prevent the unit from overheating, for a longer life. The Kühl units offer 7,900-36,000 Btuh and up to 11.7 EER. The Kühl+ with electric heat has 10,700-17,300 Btuh heating, a range of 11,700-36,000 Btuh cooling, and up to 11.4 EER. The Kühl+ heat pump offers 7,500-23,500 Btuh heating, 9,500-24,000 Btuh cooling, and up to 11.7 EER. One or more Kühl units can be wired to a remote wall thermostat or energy management system for added convenience and control. Features include a backup system to save settings if power is interrupted; auto restart; electronic maintenance indicators, including a “check filter” reminder; EntryGard anti-intrusion protection, which prevents kick-in intrusion and provides an insect barrier; and washable, antimicrobial air filter. The control panel has four operating options: simple, seven-day default program, seven-day custom program, and remote thermostat operation. Several accessories are offered, including optional carbon filters and front covers in several different colors.

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