WINNIPEG, Manitoba - The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH), along with CIPH Manitoba Region, was consulted on the city of Winnipeg’s proposed sewer bylaws. CIPH said that the feedback, dialogue, and cooperation offered by members and the Institute resulted in realistic amendments to the sewer bylaws.

CIPH thanked the city of Winnipeg for its foresight in consulting with industry on these emerging challenges and welcomed other municipalities to consult with it on any water challenges they may be facing.

All of CIPH’s recommendations were approved and changes were subsequently made in Winnipeg’s final sewer bylaws. A summary of the recommendations and changes are listed below:

1) CIPH recommended: Changing the name from “garbage grinders” to the industry term of “food waste grinders.” The city changed the name of the section to “Food Waste Grinders.”

2) CIPH recommended: Referencing the food waste grinder standard issued by the American Society of Sanitary Engineers. The city revised the bylaws to state that grinders must meet the current version of the standard for performance requirement for plumbing aspects of food waste grinders issued by the American Society of Sanitary Engineers.

3) CIPH recommended: Reconsidering the horsepower rating on food waste grinders commonly sold for household use. The city revised the horsepower rating to reflect grinders commonly sold for household use.

4) CIPH recommended: Concern that it would be impossible to operate a reverse osmosis water system since clean water is not to be discharged to the sewer. The city clarified that the bylaw refers to “noncontact cooling water” or “uncontaminated water,” so concern does not exist with the new bylaw.

5) CIPH recommended: Concern that adding a grease interceptor license and a grease interceptor license fee would unnecessarily add to the cost and complexity of operating a food service establishment in Winnipeg. The city amended the bylaw to remove the requirement for a grease interceptor license and license fee.

A copy of Winnipeg’s Sewer Bylaws is available at The anticipated coming into force for these sewer bylaws is Jan. 1, 2011.

Publication date:08/30/2010