The Heat-Seal Stik®, a premixed epoxy sealer, permits contractors to make long-lasting system repairs to unit leaks in as little as 90 seconds, restoring service immediately to customers. It melts, seals, and cures in one fast operation, working on aluminum, copper, glass, and ceramics. In addition to working on newer, higher-pressure technology systems, the epoxy sealer also melts quickly at 250°F from a torch or heat gun - even on aluminum, which can often be difficult to solder or braze, says the company. As a one-part epoxy, Heat-Seal Stik requires no mixing or measuring. To use, melt the stick into the hole or crack, heat cure for a few seconds, and the job is complete. According to the company, it is perfect to keep on hand, providing contractors with a reliable, quick fix, and allowing them to make the repair and return at a later date to braze in new parts or eventually replace the system. The durable epoxy remains flexible to expand and contract with metal surfaces throughout the year’s changing climates. The sealer withstands pressures up to 600 psi. It is available in one-dozen display boxes, or on blister cards.

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