Cool Gel® heat barrier spray helps to protect rubber, plastic, distortion, painted, and finished surfaces during soldering, brazing, or welding. A clear, nontoxic and nonstaining gel, it acts as a barrier between the surfaces being worked on and the heat from a torch. According to the manufacturer, once it is sprayed on, the spray absorbs heat before it reaches flammable or heat-sensitive surfaces. The spray can be used in situations such as replacing a valve, to prevent damaging the O-rings and scorching the surrounding finished wall, or starting a fire that spreads to insulation and drywall. In addition to reducing the danger of fire, the spray also saves time by eliminating the costly disassembly of valves and other components before soldering, brazing, and welding. Cool Gel evaporates completely, leaving behind no residue and eliminating cleanup. At, videos demonstrate how to use the product in common applications.

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