ANNAPOLIS, Md. - BOMI International delivered and completed three of its courses in Asia. Two courses were taught in Thailand in March, and one class was taught in the Philippines in January.

“Local property and facility management companies in Asia are seeking to improve their knowledge and skills to benefit their customers,” said Jeffrey A. Horn, president and CEO. “BOMI International education provides students and professionals alike with critical knowledge to make their buildings sustainable, to extend the life cycle of their buildings, and to operate their buildings more efficiently.”

The three courses resulted from BOMI International’s outreach to premier education and property and facility management companies around the world. Organizations in other countries have aligned with BOMI International after recognizing the importance of educating property and facility managers in professional building management standards, BOMI International said.

The Thai courses were taught in Bangkok under the auspices of the Thai Real Estate Business School. The courses - “The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems,” parts I and II - were delivered to leaders of property and facilities management companies, building administrators, and property managers.

The Philippine class - “Electrical Systems and Illumination” - was taught in Manila as part of BOMI International’s partnership with the PAMAV Training Institute and Technology Center, and Leverage International, a consulting firm.

Dan Owings, BOMI International’s senior director of sales and marketing, attended the second class offered in Thailand. “The classes were a tremendous success,” he said, adding that the students came from several large organizations such as Marriott International, Sodexo, and TCC Property Management Company. He said the students need only one more course, “Fundamentals of Facilities Management,” to attain the internationally recognized Facilities Management Certificate (FMC) from BOMI International. The FMC is a stepping-stone leading to the Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®) designation.

“It’s clear that Asian managers are recognizing the value of BOMI International’s certificate program. I anticipate that we will be conducting many more classes in Asia, as well as elsewhere around the world,” Owings said.

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Publication date:05/17/2010