The Activent is a wireless electronically controlled air register that opens or closes automatically to maintain a constant and optimal room temperature. It replaces existing vent/register covers in any home or business, converting them into active components in a zoned heating and cooling system - eliminating the problem of an overheated or overcooled room. The register zones a home or business by automatically gauging the temperature of that room and wirelessly closing the vent when that temperature is reached, allowing the desired temperature in a room to be easily set and achieved. After installing the unit as the new register, users simply set the desired room temperature using the wireless Remote Temperature Controller (RTC). The RTC communicates with the register’s louver system to maintain the set temperature. The RTC can also be used to manually open and close the louver system. This wireless thermostat can be placed anywhere within the room signaling the vent to close when that temperature is reached or to open when additional heating and cooling is needed.

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