COMPANY:Munters Moisture Control Services (MCS), Amesbury, Mass.

INSTALLATION:18 Munters desiccant dehumidification units of varying size; 130 smaller refrigerant units; 1,500 air movers


CUSTOMER:Rida Development, project developer of the Hilton Orlando

OBJECTIVE:Dry out structural components on 19 water-damaged floors

DESCRIPTION:Less than a month before the new Hilton Orlando was scheduled to open, an elbow joint in the main hot water feed on the roof of the 19th floor of the hotel came apart, causing water to gush through hallways, guest rooms, stairwells, and elevator shafts, and cascade 19 floors down to the hotel lobby. The project developer hired Munters MCS to quickly dry out all structural components and to maintain good air quality to preclude any formation of mold. Munters utilized 18 desiccant dehumidification units of varying sizes plus 130 smaller refrigerant units placed strategically throughout saturated areas of the hotel. The larger dehumidification units provided dry air to varying floors of the hotel through ductwork situated up the side of the building. Munters also utilized 1,500 air movers arranged in hallways and rooms during the course of the project. Nine diesel generators were used to temporarily power the equipment. The drying process - which was completed in just over a week - minimized tearout and prevented mold growth, saving tons of drywall, paint, carpet, and other building materials. And the hotel opened last fall as planned.

“This was a total team effort, with everyone responding immediately to keep the damages to interior finishes to a minimum.”
- Ken Gennett, Florida restoration account manager for Munters MCS

Publication date:06/14/2010