GOLD WINNER: The ClenAir Manufacturing Inc.’s HVAC Odor Block is an odor neutralizing gel in a unique self-feeding housing designed for ductwork installation.

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, good IAQ is a blessing to him who gives it, the contractor, and him who receives it, the end user. The right products can be even more of a good thing to contractors when they are easy to install and service.

Such were found three products, and thus were honored withThe NEWS’seventh annual Dealer Design awards in the IAQ category: the HVAC Odor Block by ClenAir Manufacturing Inc. (gold), the Broan® Automatic Make-Up Air Damper by Broan-NuTone LLC (silver), and Sanuvox R+ by Sanuvox Technologies Inc. (bronze).


ClenAir Manufacturing Inc.’s HVAC Odor Block is an odor neutralizing gel in a unique self-feeding housing designed for ductwork installation. It is a true odor neutralizer that molecularly reacts with and breaks up the airborne odor-causing compounds. The block is enclosed in a self-venting cardboard housing.

The HVAC Odor Block will eliminate odors caused by pets, mold, smoke, paint, chemicals, water damage, fire damage, food, etc. It can be used to solve an existing odor problem or just to improve and freshen the home or building air.

The patent-pending HVAC Odor Block can be installed anywhere in the return ductwork of an HVAC system. It is nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

It is designed to be used in residential and light commercial HVAC systems. It allows the ClenAir odor neutralizer to be distributed throughout the building. One HVAC Odor Block will treat up to a 3-ton a/c system or 100,000-Btu warm-air heating system and will last approximately two months. Multiple HVAC Odor Blocks can be used in larger systems.

The HVAC Odor Block can be installed in a matter of minutes. Remove the plastic-wrapped block from the cardboard housing. Remove the protective plastic wrap and place the bare odor block back into the cardboard housing. Close the lid and place or hang the housing anywhere in the return ductwork or in the blower compartment. The vents on either side of the housing will allow it to evaporate out into the airstream. It will continue to work until the block is used up. This IAQ product can easily be installed when routine maintenance, filter changes, coil cleaning, etc. is done. A contractor can stock the product on the truck and have it ready to use to solve a problem for his customer or to be able to offer to his customers to improve their IAQ.

A judge commented, “It doesn’t get to the root of an odor problem, but it could help contractors solve previously unsolvable odor problems.” Another said, “I have used this product and it works.”

SILVER WINNER: The Broan® Automatic Make-Up Air Damper includes a LinkLogic®-enabled make-up air damper control module.


The Broan® Automatic Make-Up Air Damper provides a pathway for fresh air to enter a home from outdoors when a compatible ventilation device - BEST® or Broan range hood or Broan exhaust fan - is operating, thereby creating a known, controlled point for fresh air to enter the home while air is being exhausted from the building by the exhaust fan(s) and/or range hoods.

The SMD6/8 models are compatible with the Broan SmartSense® Ventilation System as well as select BEST range hoods using the LinkLogic® system (the INSTEON™ enabled Broan-NuTone technology that facilitates communication through existing power lines in the home). The damper includes a LinkLogic®-enabled make-up air damper control module. These models are available in 6-inch round and 8-inch round sizes. Features of the MD6T/8T and MD6TR/8TR models are compatibile with select Broan and BEST range hoods. The MD6T/8T are available in two sizes: 6-inch round (MD6T or MD6TR) and 8-inch round (MD8T or MD8TR).

This product is serviced the same as a zone HVAC damper. To ensure proper operation, the homeowner can practice simple maintenance by maintaining a clear opening at the outdoor end cap, which means preventing the buildup of snow, leaves, etc., and clean or replace the interior filter(s).

“Although it is only connected through the LinkLogic to other Broan exhaust products, it does help control infiltration through a known path. … I like the fact that the LinkLogic system operates over existing electrical lines,” said one judge.

A second judge said it is a “good product - similar to other fresh air systems. It allows the additional ability to connect to other vent units in the home.”

A third commented that it is “a needed product to compete with the tightness of today’s homes.”

“It’s a start at correcting the negative air pressure issues caused by exhaust fans,” remarked a fourth judge.

BRONZE WINNER: The Sanuvox R+ destroys biochemical contaminants that continually circulate throughout the HVAC system.


The Sanuvox R+ is a newly designed in-duct UV air treatment system designed to destroy biochemical contaminants that continually circulate throughout the HVAC system. Mounted inside the return or supply plenum, the Sanuvox R+ will continually destroy biological and chemical contaminants such as mold, viruses, bacteria, germs, VOCs, and odors.

Working together with the high-intensity UV ‘J’ lamp, the Turbulator and aluminum reflecting tube is designed to deliver the necessary UV dosage for an effective kill. The 3-inch backlit LCD display provides important troubleshooting and user information to both the contractor and end user.

The purifier is plug-and-play. Neither hardwiring nor tying the purifier to the equipment is needed. The 3-inch LCD display has specific animated icons, which will flash and inform the installer what exactly is wrong, which makes it easy to isolate a bad UV lamp, sensor, or ballast.

For installation, all that is required is installing a support frame onto the duct that holds the purifier’s control box in place. The included support frame also makes it easy to mount the UV system onto duct board. The dual-voltage electronic ballast automatically switches from 110-V to 220-V installations.

The LCD also flashes “Contact Installer” to inform the end users that the operating life of the UV lamp is coming to an end and that they should contact their installer for a lamp replacement.


Gold Winner:
ClenAir Manufacturing Inc.
HVAC Odor Block

Silver Winner:
Broan-NuTone LLC
Broan® Automatic Make-Up Air Dampers

Bronze Winner:
Sanuvox Technologies Inc.
Sanuvox R+ In-Duct UV Air Purification System

Publication date:07/12/2010