It’s the miscellaneous items in a contractor’s arsenal that make all the difference in a job. Whether a filter cover, an efficiency panel, or a hybrid system component, it’s the latest and greatest in HVAC technology accessories that are mandatory for contractors looking to meet the comfort and efficiency expectations of their customers.The NEWS’seventh annual Dealer Design Awards’ Miscellaneous category winners brought their technologies to the competition and left with the following awards. Build Right Products LLC’s FilterLock received gold, Honeywell International Inc.’s YP900A Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel took silver, and Rheem’s HP Series Hybrid Water Heater received a bronze.

GOLD WINNER: Build Right Products LLC’s FilterLock has an overlapping two-piece design that accommodates filter slot sizes up to 25 inches wide.


Build Right Products LLC’s FilterLock is a flexible cover made from durable high density polyethylene designed to seal common 1-inch furnace filter slots virtually airtight. The overlapping two-piece design accommodates filter slot sizes up to 25 inches wide. Integral magnetic fasteners hold the device securely in place as it effectively covers filter slots located at the top or on the side of metal return air ducts. The length can be trimmed to accommodate various sizes of filter slots as needed and it takes approximately one minute to install this cover.

According to the manufacturer, Energy Star® and the U.S. Department of Energy identified an open filter slot as one of four common problems with HVAC duct systems. FilterLock economically and effectively solves this problem, said the company. Before FilterLock, there were basically three methods used to cover filter slots - metal covers, magnetic sheets, and duct tape. The metal covers require screws and tape and can be removed or left off by homeowners. Magnetic sheets can fail to seal all aspects of the filter slots correctly. FilterLock’s flexible design accommodates filter slots with protruding filters. The patent pending design folds over both ends of the return air duct/plenum to seal corners virtually airtight. Negative pressure generated by return air actually pulls FilterLock tighter to the filter slot opening.

“This looks like it should become a popular product for sealing 1-inch furnace filter slots - very easy to use,” said one of the contractor judges. “This is a good idea.”

SILVER WINNER: Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel provides flame safeguard control, fuel air ratio control, O2 trim, and VFD control in a single, integrated panel with a touch screen user interface.


Honeywell International Inc.’s YP900A Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel provides flame safeguard control, fuel air ratio control, O2 trim, and VFD control in a single, integrated panel with a touch screen user interface. Available for use on all commercial and industrial boilers, according to the company, fuel air ratio control with O2 trim can provide energy savings of 5-7 percent per year and VFD control can reduce electrical costs by up to 30 percent per year. The provided pre-wired, integrated panel helps reduce installation and commissioning time.

This system ensures maximum system uptime with intuitive user screens for easy to see diagnostics and troubleshooting. All of the commissioning is done via a PC touch screen, for easy user-friendly commissioning. The PC touch screen also provides quick system status, information on alarms, and a record of fault history for quick diagnostics, troubleshooting, and resolution. The screen walks the installer through the setup process, putting control at their fingertips. It helps simplify burner management making an expensive system integrator not required.

One contractor judge noted how much he liked the on screen set up. He also noted that, “Being integrated will save a substantial amount of time.”

“This integrated system plus PC touch screen for commissioning should make for easy installs,” said another judge.

BRONZE WINNER: The Rheem HP Series Hybrid Water Heater is available in both 40 and 50 gallon models.


The Rheem HP Series Hybrid Water Heater with advanced heat pump technology is designed primarily for residential applications, and has three operating modes - energy saver, normal, and electric heat only. Measuring 21 inches in diameter and 75.5 inches tall, it offers a slim, portable profile that makes installation in spaces with restricted access - including attics and basement mechanical rooms - an easier task for contractors. It has the same connections as a standard electric water heater and an eye-level LED control panel that is protected behind a small door. This convenient touch pad allows homeowners to select the water temperature range as well as choose the efficiency setting based on hot water demand.

The advanced heat pump technology combines Rheem’s knowledge in both heating and cooling and water heating. The unit can be installed in place of a gas water heater if a 240-V electric service is located nearby. It also incorporates 2.5-inch-thick, non-CFC foam insulation to minimize heat loss during standby periods when there is no demand for hot water; a premium resistor anode rod that extends tank life; long-lasting stainless steel resistor elements; a factory-installed, brass drain valve; a factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valve; and hot and cold-water and condensate drain connections (all ¾-inch N.P.T.) on the side of the water heater, rather than on the top, for easier installation and maintenance.


Gold Winner:
Build Right Products LLC

Silver Winner:
Honeywell International Inc.
Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel

Bronze Winner:
Rheem Hybrid Water Heater

Honorable Mention:
Airtec Products
Fortress Lineset Ducting System

Publication date:07/12/2010