MARIETTA, Ga. - Noritz America Corp. has opened a new showroom and contractor training facility in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, to provide hands-on instruction on tankless water heating for plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC trades people, as well as educate their residential and commercial customers on the technology. The newly renovated, 1,650-square-foot showroom is part of Noritz’s 13,000-square-foot distribution center in Marietta serving the southeastern United States.

“The design and layout of our new product showroom is technically focused to quickly familiarize a visitor with the critical details of tankless water heating technology,” said Adam Brown, branch manager. “This approach will not only support ‘Noritz University,’ our contractor school that offers monthly training sessions, but it will also help educate homeowners and commercial end users looking to learn how tankless works, where it can be installed, and whether they need help from one of our factory-qualified installers.”

The presentation consists of a series of vignettes showing mock-ups of tankless installations in a variety of contexts, including:

• Residential: This section offer both indoor and outdoor installs, including a basement setup as well as an outside vignette with the unit housed inside a protective metallic box that is recessed into the exterior wall. “Before vs. After” vignettes demonstrate the space savings of a tankless installation versus tank-type water heater.

• Commercial: Besides individual commercial models, this section features a multi-unit, manifold setup with common venting for heavy-duty projects requiring large volumes of hot water in a small time frame. The “Before vs. After” display in this area features a commercial tankless model next to a large commercial tank-type water heater.

Additional displays include a high-efficiency condensing tankless water heater, as well as a hydro-air install featuring a tankless unit with an air handler. Capsule presentations of various residential and commercial case studies are displayed in the form of wall posters and banners around the facility. An Advanced Technical Area provides Noritz technical staff with multiple workstations where they can inspect and service tankless units.

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Publication date:05/17/2010