The water filter cartridge is a topic in itself when it comes to ice machines.

The water filter cartridge is a topic in itself when it comes to ice machines. The manufacturer Everpure has provided a Q&A on the topic in its publication, “It’s Time To Change Your Water Filter.” Among its distribution points recently was the National Restaurant Association Restaurant-Hotel-Motel Show.

Here from that publication and based on Everpure products are some of the commonly asked questions and the answers.

Q:How often should I change my cartridges?

A:The frequency of filter changes depends upon your water quality and your water usage. Be sure to replace your filters whenever you notice a decline in performance, whether it is a drop in flow rate and/or pressure or an unusual taste in the water.

Many water filter systems have a pre-filter, which is typically a coarse drop-in filter cartridge in a sump that is designed to capture larger particles of 10 to 25 microns. A pre-filter extends the life of the fine (1/2 micron) taste and odor filters that follow it. Oftentimes, these pre-filters get changed when they turn dark brown or black on the outside surface. But, really, the pre-filter cartridge should be changed when it becomes dirty to within 1/8 inch of the core of the cartridge or when you see the outlet pressure gauge fall into the red zone. Check the pressure gauge only when the equipment is calling for water. One-half micron cartridges should be changed at the first occurrence of:

a. the gallon rating stated on the label,

b. every six months, or

c. the pressure gauge needle falls into the red zone while your equipment is calling for water.

Q:Why do filter cartridges need to be flushed after installations?

A:All carbon-based filters need to be flushed with water when installed. This involves running water through the filter system into a drain for a few minutes. The reason for this is to remove excess carbon fines that are inside the cartridges. Also, cartridges are filled with air. By flushing the system, the air is removed from the inside of the cartridges and replaced with water. This process will allow any carbon-based cartridge to function at optimum levels without affecting any equipment that may be attached. Technicians should consult the installation and operation guide that comes with the filter to determine flush time.

Q:Why do filter cartridges plug up?

A:Cartridges are designed to remove contaminants and particles from the water. The cartridges will eventually plug as this material is removed. Therefore, plugging indicates that the cartridges are working efficiently.

If a cartridge plugs soon after installation, there may be special circumstances such as construction in the area that has substantially increased the turbidity (number of particles), and/or lowered the water pressure of the incoming water.

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Publication date:07/05/2010