The Y- and R2-Series City Multi Variable Refrigerant Zoning Systems (VRFZ) have been updated to provide greater cooling and heating capacity and application flexibility, says the company. The lineup consists of 6-, 8-, and 10-ton outdoor unit modules, which can be combined to form an outdoor unit system of up to 30 tons that can connect to as many as 50 indoor units. Both the new Y-Series heat pump and the R2-Series heat recovery system outdoor units are smaller in height and depth. The units feature increased pipe length and a dipswitch for adjustable static pressure. The R2-Series features inverter technology and simultaneous cooling and heating. The two-pipe recovery operation is made possible through the use of the Branch Circuit controller, which directs refrigerant flow between the indoor units and the outdoor unit. The Y-Series can cool or heat up to 50 zones. By distributing capacity from one zone of a system to another, the Y-Series applies only as much energy as each zone needs.

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