Five high-efficiency, variable-speed electronically controlled motors (ECM) are designed for residential and light commercial air-moving applications. The motors utilize advanced technologies to provide customers with key benefits including high peak efficiency (up to 82 percent efficient); easy system integration; precise airflow control; reliable, long-life designs; and quiet, smooth operation. The UltraTech® communicating variable-speed blower motor uses the ClimateTalk™ open communications protocol to provide easy setup, precise cfm control, and advanced diagnostics. The 16X4W 16-pin motor features a translator paired with the four-wire motor platform, providing easy integration into 16-pin noncommunicating variable-speed systems. The SelecTech™ indoor ECM blower motor is a five-speed motor that has 24-V programmable speed taps for easy integration into common blower and air-handler systems. The SelecTech™ outdoor ECM condenser fan motor is designed for high SEER a/c and heat pump systems with two 24-V programmable speed taps. The Rescue EcoTech® retrofit ECM blower motor features a patented design that utilizes high-voltage taps to determine speed, allowing the motor to easily replace or upgrade PSC blower motors.

Emerson Climate Technologies, St. Louis, MO;

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