The EN Series is a modularly constructed and energy-efficient precision air conditioning line for data equipment centers, telecommunications rooms, digital switchgear sites, medical equipment rooms, electrical rack rooms, Internet server vaults, and other critical-cooling environments. The Series offers models from 7.5-30 refrigeration tons, all which are modularly constructed as complete factory-assembled units or ready-to-assemble on-site kits to fit through standard 80- by 36-inch doorways. According to the company, the EN Series offers the highest air volume per square foot and highest coil and filter surface area per square foot as well as an unmatched 95-98 percent sensible heat ratio. By combing an a/c unit’s free-cooling and dual-cooling features with VFD and EC motors, facility managers avoid scalability challenges with future expansion by installing 30-ton capacity units and ramping down to smaller, less-energy consuming refrigeration tonnages until the data center expands to full heat load. The units use R-410A or R-407c refrigerant.

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