A space-saving direct drive fan, environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, and energy-saving free cooling has been added to the Spacemaker (SM) Series of precision air conditioning equipment for data equipment centers, telecommunications rooms, digital switchgear sites, medical equipment rooms, electrical rack rooms, Internet server vaults, and other critical cooling environments. The direct drive fan reduces the series footprint and enables the use of variable-frequency drive (VFD) or electrically commuted (EC) motors. The a/c units are available in sizes of 2 to 7 tons. Features include double-wall case construction that separates R-value insulation from the airstream to enhance IAQ and the Supervisaire® onboard microprocessor capable of either self-sufficient controlling/monitoring or interfacing with all protocols of building automation systems. Besides cooling, unit customization can include gas phase and/or ultraviolet filtration to eliminate airborne contaminants, dehumidification to reduce corrosion-causing condensation, humidification to eliminate static electricity, and energy-saving hot gas reheat.

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