The Tour and Andersson calibrated balancing valve is available in 14- and 16-inch (350 and 400 mm) sizes for use in large-diameter applications with high flow requirements. The valves offer precise flow measurement, precision flow balancing, optimized energy efficiency, more stable temperatures, and reduced energy costs, says the company. They are adjusted manually to allow for very precise control of a system and provide isolation/shut-off capabilities. They are easily adjusted if changes are needed in flow rates or load requirements. Due to precise Cv values and differential pressure measurement, the balancing valves are easy to set, reducing balancing time and costs. The valves can be preset for a specific flow rate with an estimated pressure drop that will provide a hydraulic system profile prior to actual system balancing. This allows balancing of the chillers, pumps, and the entire system to proceed much quicker than other balancing methods, claims the company.

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